Slight Change of Direction

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Okay… the Gene Eugene tribute was just getting too big for it’s britches.  So Steve had the idea of creating a special issue for it.  What that means is that Issue 2 will feature Brian Doidge, Greg Lawless, Roger Rose/Mad at the World, and a story about the genesis of The Lost Dogs as told by Terry Taylor.  Issue 2 is being laid out now, as I type.  Well, I guess not right now since I am typing this, but I did work on it early this morning and will continue later tonight.  So, now-ish.  A few weeks after that, a big, bad Gene Eugene tribute issue, complete with thoughts from his friends and band mates, never-before-seen photos, and even reviews of classic Adam Again discs.

And we still want to stay on track for Issue 3 in April.  That issue will feature… ummm… I think we haven’t quite figuresd that one out.  But some cool people!