New Tunes From Upside Down Room, The Wayside, and Slide

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So much news to cover from the holidays – so little time! I’ll try to contain it to just a few a day to not overwhelm people!  First up is Upside Down Room.  They went on hiatus for a while, but are now back! UDR has been playing a few reunion concerts and there are rumors of new songs and re-issued classics. A few links for more information:

Upside Down Rroom  Interview by Brax
Upside Down Room MySpace

Up next is Slide – they continue to release songs and work towards bigger and bigger things. January 12th will see the release of their 3rd single “Dime Store Queer.”  The single will also feature two additional remixes by MDAVISTO.  Slide is looking for a video director for a possible video for this single.  They also mentioned that they “will update soon with that BIG piece of news along with another important newsworthy mention.”  Keep an eye on for more news.

Finally, a new album by the Wayside is already here!  Spiritual Songs is a collection of gospel songs, some new but many old, that can be purchased as a physical CD or as a pay what you like download.  In addition, there will be a special edition box set with bonus items available. See for ordering details.

Finally, we have some fun new stuff coming from Down the Line magazine this month, in addition to a jam packed new issue coming by April. Stay tuned!