Mega-Goth Issue 4 Super Pack

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With all of the special issues and extra stuff coming out recently, and the last issue coming out late, our next issue will be out by April 2010. To keep you occupied until then, we will be releasing some special treats between now and then.

The first is a special all in one Goth pack. We had different parts of our planned super-Goth issue come in at different times, so we released them seperately rather than wait.  But now, we have created a Goth pack all-in-one issue. In this pack, you get the all-Goth issue (featuring Brian Healy of Dead Artsit Syndrom), the special mp3 of “Silent Night” by Dead Artist Syndrome, and Saviour Machine special issue – all packaged up in a nice package.

Just download the pack below and up-zip the archive to your computer. Find the “index.html” file and double click to open in your favorite browser. Links to all files and special information will all be listed there.

Download the special all-Goth pack here:

There is also plenty of new stuff coming down the pipe, including more exciting music news.  We may even finally take the wraps off of this mysterious “C.U.E.” thing….