Updates on the April Issue

Work is moving ahead on the April issue.  And in addition to that, Steve and Josh also have a few tricks up their sleeves that may turn in to some cool news if everything works out. Got to keep it all under wraps for now, but be assured that in addition to working on putting out our magazine, we are also pushing forward with several special projects.

As far as issue 6 is concerned, I know there is a Doug Burr interview in the can and ready to go. I recently got his CD The Shawl – killer good acoustic Psalms there. Check it out.  I have actually been in the building it was recorded in. Creepy cool place.

Several other interviews are lined up with some well-known names to fans of our magazine.  We usually don’t reveal stories in a specific issue until the interview is completed, but if we can complete even half of the interviews by people that have committed to them by deadline, this will be a killer issue.

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