Retroactive Releases to Look Out For

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Cool banner, huh? I like the new artwork for this release. Anyways, Retroactive Records is bringing out a bunch of re-issues for you to check out. Already out is Jimmy Hotz Beyond the Crystal Sea 30th Anniversary Edition on Born Twice Records (a new sub-label of Retroactive). If you are a fan of ArkAngel, Kemper Crabb, or progressive 70’s rock, you will love this album.  Long considered a hard-to-find classic album. Look for a review in the next issue.

Also keep a look out for our first contest, featuring something cool from The Choir for the lucky winner.

Coming Soon from Retroactive Records:

  • Rex Carroll Band – That Was Then, This Is Now
    “Heavy metal blues from Whitecross axeman.” Everyone loves the blues, and Carroll is a master at creating that sound.
  • King James – The Fall (Collector’s Edition)
    “Remastered with all new artwork” – This was their heavier, darker, doomy, non-hair metal release.

Coming Soon from Born Twice Records:

  • Vision – S/T (25th Anniversary Edition)
    “1985 southern rock masterpiece featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd member Billy Powell” if you like Southern rock with a slightly progressive edge, this is right up your ally. Everyone has a secret love of Southern rock, right? Free bird!
  • Vision – Mountain In The Sky (Collector’s Edition)
    “1984 masterpiece featuring Leon Wilkeson & Billy Powell (both Lynyrd Skynyrd) – for fans of Kansas, Styx, Petra, Pat Travers”

These are all slated for a June release. There are also some other good albums coming out from Retroactive on down the line, as well as some great albums from some other labels and bands. Holy Blood is supposed to have a new one out soon – not sure where or how, but I will be happy to hear more black metal mixed with folk music. I’ll see if I can dig up more details on that one. I just saw mention of a colossal 10 CD box set from Glen Rowlands, so I will try to get more details on that.  The Lost Dogs just put out a new one called Old Angel, but if you are reading this magazine you probably already have that one. If not – go get it!  Oh, and of course, The Choir’s new album on the 24th of June. But if I am the first one to tell you that, time to get on Facebook. It’s been everyshere there.