Intense Millennium Unleashes First Batch of Reissues

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One of the downsides to doing a magazine every three months is that reviews sometimes get published months after the release, depending on how the dates fall.  Intense Millennium recently released five excellent re-issues of classic metal albums.  Expect full reviews in the next issue – but I can tell you from the ones I am reviewing that these are killer re-issues.  The sound improvement over the originals is almost shocking – I felt like I was listening to new versions of these songs.  They all have bonus tracks and updated artwork.  I’ll save the details for the reviews – but in the mean time I highly recommend getting these releases, even if you have the originals.  Out now on Intense Millennium:

  • Vengeance – Human Sacrifice
  • Vengeance Rising – Once Dead
  • Sacred Warrior – Rebellion
  • Bloodgood – Bloodgood
  • Bloodgood – Detonation

Releasing January 2011:

  • Sacred Warrior – Master’s Command
  • Bloodgood – Rock in a Hard Place

Releasing February 2011:

  • Vengeance Rising – Destruction Comes
  • Deliverance – What a Joke