Big News From Bill Mallonee and The Vigilantes of Love

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Life has been full of transitions for a lot of folks over the last few years. I’ve seen it deeply first hand as I continue to write, record and tour as a troubadour singer/songwriter. A lot of good souls “out there” just trying to stay afloat, stay positive and keep-it-on-the-sunny-side during these recession years.

So many of you have demonstrated such great courage and faith through all of it. A spirit of your good old “keep-on-keepin’ on” has certainly inspired me. I can say this without reservation: I am still working, writing and playing because of the fantastic grass-roots fans who have gotten “inside” what I do as an artist… THAT’s the greatest gift anyone could receive as a songwriter. Thank you.

Against that backdrop, I’m happy to announce some BIG NEWS things from our camp:

1st: WELCOME to the new website. It was designed by web-designer aficionado, John Michael Rose.
We’ll be filling this new, easier to navigate site with LOTS of info on a regular basis.
We’ll be posting everything from tour dates, to free song downloads, to new tunes, new lyrics, new books, to blogs on all sorts of themes…
what we’d like to see create here is some “community.” We like to think we’re all in this together.
So stop in visit and become part of it all…

2nd: All of my 25 albums and 8 Eps have been moved to
This is HUGE improvement for us…and for you!
Bandcamp provides listeners with the highest quality audio files of any kind you want.
Presentation of my work at Bandcamp is clean, clear and attractive.
Entire albums can be purchased or songs on a track-by-track basis. Tracks can be listen to in their entirety before purchase.
I hope you’ll enjoy discovering my new works as well as updating with better audio the older albums.

3rd: I am planning on recording a new studio, full-band album early next year.
This will the first studio record in 4 years. (The 8 WPA Eps have be arriving at the rate of one every 3 months, in the mean time)
I am very excited about the new project.
In all likelihood we will conduct solicit you the fans in a “pre-order” manner to create a recording fund;
There is no limit on the amount one can contribute, of course. Each fund contribution of $25 or more will receive a signed Cd and have his/her name on a Benefactors Roll that will be printed in the hardcopy CD booklet.
We hope to record 15-25 of the 50 songs to choose from. (Wish us well!)

That about wraps up the first “salvo” here. Thanks for your time…and for dropping in…

If I might make one more request: If you feel so inclined, please consider forwarding this info to at least 5 friends who you think the music will resonate with. As I said, we really are trying to build upon the grass-roots community that has so generously nurtured my work and songwriting these 20 years.

Bill Mallonee