New DTL Reviews Section Is Online

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Three months can be a long time to wait for CD reviews.  We want to get the word out faster about the cool music we hear.  So we started a new Reviews section to fix that.  We will review albums as we get them and post them in the reviews section, and then collect the reviews from the past three months and print them in each issue.  This will help us get reviews out in real time.  See the new review section here:

Many other new sections of the site are coming.  Some of the columns in our magazine will make the jump to being full blogs.  The C.U.E. might actually become a reality.  And the first podcast will be out.  I have heard it and it is cool.  Mike Indest did a great job, and hopefully we will get that online and in iTunes this week. We are also looking for bloggers – especially if you are musician or industry insider.

We also added a Submissions policy page for people that want to send in music, writings, books, whatever.  Also with information on advertising – because we do get asked about that about once a year :)  We try to get as much music reviewed as we can – but we have limited funds.  If you want to make sure to get reviewed by us, send us your stuff!

We also have many tools installed that we could set up, depending on reader interest.  We have the ability to do forums.  Anybody interested in moderating that? Maybe we could resurrect the Vagrant Cafe or any other forums?  Or any other ideas you have – let us know.