Daniel Amos Deluxe Remastered Reissues Coming Soon

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According to the Daniel Amos Facebook page (and email list and other sources), there are three DA Re-issues looming on the horizon:

Deluxe REMASTERED Collector’s Edition 2-disc re-issue of Shotgun Angel is finished and will be debuted on the Daniel Amos summer tour. Beautiful 24-page booklet with more than 30 unseen photos as well as a 26-track bonus disc loaded with amazing 4-track demos of almost the whole album, unreleased songs, plus in-studio mixes which break down the songs like you’ve never heard them before. It’s like being in the studio with the band, listening in to musical history being made between studio genius and knee-slapping nuttiness. It will also be available on the www.danielamos.com website shortly. Also coming new versions of the first Daniel Amos record (same tracks as the first 2-disc re-issue but with an expanded 16-page booklet and digipak) and a new edition of Mr. Buechner’s Dream with a new 24-page booklet and bonus track. These are being released in conjunction with Born Twice and Retroactive Records. Look for them on the tour or on the website soon.

  1. We’ve been Daniel Amos fans since about 1977. Can’t wait to hear Terry again! They have always been ahead of the curve in christian new wave and alternative. God bless! Joel