Roe and Daugherty Team Up To Form Kerosene Halo

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This just in from Lo-Fidelity Records:

Lo-Fidelity Records is pleased to announce the debut album and tour for Michael Roe
and Derri Daugherty’s latest collaboration, Kerosene Halo. The album is a beautiful and
wondrous journey through the back pages of songbooks of some of their most beloved
writers. Besides troubadour legends like Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits and Richard Thompson,
the album also features hand-picked tunes from old pals Phil Madeira, Steve Hindalong,
Terry Taylor and Larry Norman. The guys’ beloved vocal harmonies and acoustic/electric
guitar stylings are present throughout, as well cameos from current and former Lost Dogs
collaborators Steve Hindalong on percussion, Matt Slocum on cello, and Greg Kellog on
pedal steel, dobro and more.

Simple. Sparse. Nostalgic. Gorgeous. The adjectives run riot but the music does not.
This is an album for late nights, early mornings, lazy afternoons and relaxing road trips
down your favorite highways. Mike says “This album is a labor of love to ourselves and
our favorite songwriters. For years, we have wanted to sing harmonies together in a duo
setting but never got the chance until now. I have fond memories of singing in similar
duos like this during the 1970’s and have missed it ever since. This is a return to a
very important part of our roots that inspired so much great music from so many talented
writers, not the least of which include some of our closest friends.”

The self titled debut is set to be released on July 1st in conjunction with the band’s
scheduled 3:10pm performance on the Gallery Stage at Cornerstone. The following day,
Michael and Derri plan to mount an extensive duo tour for the month of July, visiting as
much of the United States and Canada as they can possibly can.

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  1. The only thing that is driving me crazy about this release is that it is not available now!!! We have to wait until Cornerstone this year.

  2. My FB friend, Dann Gunn, turned me on to your mag. I wish it were print, as it used up two ink cartridges and still didn’t print all the May issue out. But that’s ink-hungry HP for you. You realize that cost more to print out half of one issue than a whole subscription would were it a print mag. At least don’t use so much black in the backgrounds, or make a printer friendly version. If you want to print them out and mail them to me somehow, I’ll send you some bones. HM must be the only print gospel rock mag left in existence. -Gord.