The Lost Dogs – It Came From The Basement

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Interesting news from The Lost Dogs camp:

We hope this message finds you well and enjoying your summer…

It’s been awhile since there has been news of the Lost Dogs Route 66 film project, and we appreciate your continued interest and support. Lo-Fidelity Records and the Lost Dogs are pleased to announce some movement on the project, and the release of a support DVD to kickstart it’s completion.

In June of 2005, Lo-Fidelity promoted, filmed, and recorded a Lost Dogs performance in a basement home studio/rehearsal space in East Troy WI. It was the band’s first tour with then new member and drummer Steve Hindalong, and the first full tour that would include drums and electric guitars since the “Green Room Serenade” tour. All told, it seemed like an important event in the band’s history to want to capture. Despite careful planning, in true Lost Dogs fashion, the evening turned into a comedy of errors with a buzzing PA, cameras and recording gear that would start and stop on their own, heat in the studio that had the band and audience on the verge of passing out, and a performance that culminated with Mike accidentally breaking Derri’s Fender Telecaster during a particularly raucous version of “Why Is The Devil Red?” Despite all the issues, the band played a remarkably focused and tight set, which gave hope that somehow the footage could be salvaged and used at a later date. Until recently, the question was how and when. As most Lost Dogs fans know, the band has been working on completing their Route 66 film project. Due to financial constraints, the project has been worked on in fits and starts, which led Lo-Fidelity to the idea of finally releasing “It Came From The Basement” as a fundraiser for the film. All of the basement footage was carefully edited and the audio mixed and restored for what is sure to be a classic Lost Dogs release.

Mike Roe says “For years, my memory of that basement concert was sheer hell ….. that is, until I watched the final cut of “It Came From The Basement”. Not only did it look like we were really enjoying ourselves, we played splendidly and rocked with something resembling reckless abandon. That performance, intercut with film footage culled from the goofy dark underbelly of American media archives, makes for one truly entertaining experience. Think “Elvira meets Mystery Science Theater at Cornerstone and you’re gettin’ warm… ”

Starting today, August 3, 2011, you can not only own a piece of Lost Dogs history, but help to complete the highly anticipated Route 66 film. Several support packages are being offered. Everything from a simple download of the audio from the performance, to a DVD package that contains a sticker, poster, guitar pics & buttons, a CD of the audio and your name as a Route 66 project supporter in the credits of the upcoming film. The proceeds of “It Came From The Basement” will go towards completing the Route 66 film and its release. At trailer containing a full performance of the track “A Certain Love” can be viewed on YouTube at the following link – Please know your ongoing support is key, and greatly appreciated.

The DVD and various support packages can be found at the official Lost Dogs BandCamp page, located here: (All orders shipped within the USA will ship USPS Priority Mail to better ensure speed and delivery) For those interested only in the DVD, stand alone copies can be purchased from the