Merry Christmas and Some Updates

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Merry Christmas from Down the Line! Sorry that we have been quiet. The next issue is in the works – but it will still be January by the time it comes out. There are some great stories in the works – but we’ll just have to leave you in suspense for now :)

We have also been a bit slow on posting music-related news recently. We’re coming up with a plan for bands, labels, fans, anyone to be able to email us news and have it posted to the site. Everything seems to be going Facebook these days, but it seems like some news tidbits get lot in the rush  viral George Takei jokes and Castlevania requests that fill up Facebook streams. If you are a musician or fan and want your news featured on this site, feel free to email us a notice.

We also have some music reviews in the works, as well as some other projects. There are some great releases being worked on now that we had some part in. Can’t say more until there is some kind of official word, but loo for some cool re-issues in 2012.

With that, I’ll leave you with one of the all-time classic modern Christmas tunes of all time: