Aradhna Freedom Firm India Tour Campaign

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World music rock fusion band Aradhna will be touring India from November 9-19, 2012 in support of Freedom Firm. Freedom Firm is  committed to “eliminating child prostitution in India by rescuing minor girls, providing rehabilitation, and prosecuting the perpetrators of sex trafficking.” Aradhna needs your help to make this tour a success. The goal of the tour is to record a live album that will then be sold to support Freedom Firm. Any money raised through this campaign will defer the costs of travel so more money can go to Freedom Firm. I have interacted some with everyone involved in this and can vouch that they are all legit. While you are at it, follow Freedomw Firm at their various social sites for updates on the dangerous work they are doing in India.

I have been to India myself, and it is almost impossible to describe how down trodden certain groups of people are there, being told all their life that they are worthless nothings or untouchable. When Westerners actually spend time to come over there, interact with them, and serve them – the message it speaks to them is indescribable. Sure, you can send money and be done with it, but to actually go there and speak value into their lives with your actions will literally change their lives. Obviously, we can’t all go, but this is my reason for why I support spending money on those that do have a chance to go.