SLIDE Re-Emerge as Dime Store Zombies

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Things have been a bit quiet in the SLIDE camp for a while… But now we know the truth…

Zombies Ate SLIDE

And the result is Dime Store Zombies. Consider it a necessary (dare we say?) Reboot. Same band. Different name. The recording for self titled Dime Store Zombies Album begins in early 2013. Planned album release date: October 2013. Live Dates for 2013 to be revealed shortly. And how about a new Music Video? If you own a physical copy of SLIDE’s “Auto Tune Massacre”, hold on to it as it will never be pressed again into physical format. We still have copies left for sale, but when their gone, their gone for good!”

See the band’s new Facebook page for the reason for the change and for details as they are announced.