Jesse Sprinkle Announces the Paradise, Uganda Project

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“In the spring of 2013, Jesse and Kurt are heading to Kampala, Uganda to collaborate, record the album “Paradise, Uganda”, and rejoice in the power of music with The Kampala Street Singers, however, they realize they can not make this happen without the help of the community around them.

Jesse Sprinkle (Poor Old Lu, Dead Poetic, Demon Hunter) is very active in the Kampala, Uganda community. Throughout his six trips over the last four years, he has built a tight bond with the orphaned street kids there, most of whom are very creative and musical. He has also befriended the family who runs “Paradise”, a safe haven for these children in the center of the slums. It’s been a dream of Jesse’s to collaborate with these kids, and give them a chance to share their music.

Kurt Johnson (The Moho Collective) has come on board as a co-collaborater and as Jesse’s writing/recording partner. For quite some time, Kurt and Jesse have been discussing ways in which they could collaborate, as they share a strong mutual respect for each other’s work. It is quite apparent that this is JUST the project for that collaboration. As a music educator and ethnomusicologist, Kurt will accompany Jesse as they explore the roots of Ugandan music with these very gifted and lively street kids, and also share with them in their musical heritage, in an effort to produce a lasting relationship that will meld culture, hope, and growth.

All proceeds from record sales and live performances in USA and Uganda will go directly back to the music and art community in Kampala.

The making of this album is just “phase one”, if you will, of what we hope to turn into a lasting relationship of growth and sustainability for artistic livelihood in the Kampala slums. ”

You can see the Fundraiser for this project here and join in if you like.