Merry Christmas, and a New Issue is Just Around the Corner

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We want to wish every one a very safe and merry Christmas. It isn’t always true for everyone, but it is our hope that everyone can take a moment to stop and reflect on the things that are really important in life, like faith, family, and friends. For some reason this year, I have been researching more and more about the pagan roots of Christmas. If you get in scholarly research and away from the silly ancient videos on YouTube and weird blogs full of major re-interpretations of Festivus and Sol and other things, you start to find out that all of this “pagan roots of Christmas” stuff is mostly urban myth and inaccurate BS. There is some evidence of a pagan influence, but in reality the early Church borrowed much less from non-believing cultures around them than the ancient Israelites did in the Old Testament (who borrowed everything from names for God to entire rituals that became canonized in scripture). Got created all things, and if we honor Him in what we do He is part of it.

Anyways, it has been forever since we released an issue… but that will be changed soon! So far, we have interviews with Chris Taylor (solo artist and former Love Coma frontman), Bill Mallonee, Destroy Nate Allen, and The Radiant Dregs. There will probably be a few more before all is said and done – maybe even some staff picks for Top 20 albums of 2012? We’ll see….