A Common Goal releases new album “Blessings and Battles”

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Boston’s A COMMON GOAL officially releases its full length album “Blessings and Battles.”  Full throttle, blue collar punk that head-on addresses the hardship, struggles and triumphs of working class life, with a message of hope and redemption.   Surging guitars, driving bass, thunderous drums, with a vocal quality similar to Mike Ness if he had grown up near Boston’s hardscrabble docks.  A Common Goal is Mike May (Guitar/Lead Vox), Scott Grenon (Guitar/ Vox), Brett D. Ennis (Bass/Vox), and Jason Autrey (Drums/Vox).
“A Common Goal has hit it out of the park with this release.”  “I will guarantee you that there is at least one song on this CD that everyone can relate to and that will make you sit back and wonder if ACG was sitting in your head while writing the song.”  Said Punks for a Princess.
1.  ACG
2.  Frame of Mind
3.  Blessings and Battles
4.  Hope
5.  When We Were Young
6.  Never Gonna Be
7.  Problems
8.  Nothing Left
9.  Blue Collar
10.  Tortured Saint
“Blessings and Battles” CDs are available from the TPR web store: http://thumperpunkrecords.storenvy.com/products/1327903-a-common-goal-blessings-and-battles)
The first single from that album is the song “Blessings and Battles” can be viewed here:
You can learn more information about the band at:
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