Michael Roe “Guadalupe” Recording Project

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If you haven’t had the chance yet, there is still time to help out Michael Roe’s new Kickstarter project. But this is a Kickstarter with a twist – you get an album that is already recorded, in order to fund a new recording in the near future. The initial idea was to “record a ‘fund raiser’ album of previously released tunes of mine in the same style as Say Your Prayers.” The resulting album is called Guadalupe, which is related to the unreleased/never recorded Adam Again album. But you will have to go to the Kickstarter page to read Dr. Love’s comments on that. There are all kinds of cool and obscure high level rewards for those that are interested – from art to video wardrobes to having Roe record music for you to getting him to be your personal house cleaner for a day.