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Some how we seem to be getting press in Germany. Mike Indest noticed this review of the entire DTL Collective. For those that don’t read German or don’t use a modern browser like Chrome that will translate for you, we have the entire translation after the jump courtesy of Eddie Parrino:

The American Down the Line Collective is an association of several music-loving journalists and musicians who express their fascination with Christian bands in the form of their free online magazine “Down the Line Zine”. In the accompanying podcast The Basement Tapes Mike Indest leads that as a singer / songwriter belongs itself to the collective, interviews (Free DL’s via iTunes) with supported artists and other musicians and playing the chart list of unknown indie bands up and down. In addition to current musicians, the collective, especially in the 80s and early 90s looking for the requirements of relevant bands that were not included in the community of so-called contemporary Christian music at that time due to different prevailing, social standards. This reveals some places certainly what is feared to be expected, white elsewhere but also to surprise. But not only the Christian, but also the DIY concept plays a role in the entrance examination. Matt Crosslin and Steve Ruff founded the web magazine in 2008 with the original idea to support remote from the mainstream bands by promotion. A no-budget company so that only takes time – and a lot of it. So does that mean, every band has to deal with the releasen itself, but by the collective trumpeted to the world or prevalent on the World Wide Web. Free advertising.

Western Grace:

In 1986, the American singer / songwriter Michael Knott, the alternative punk band Lifesavers Underground (aka LS Underground), as one of his many projects. And if it was not his best, not even his main band, LS wahrten Underground until into 2010, their eponymous tenor. On her 2010’s album “PTSD” and followed this year, “Heaven High” also mixed Joshua Lory with quasi Knott’s brother in spirit, tries stubborn to leave it in its countless punk projects built to the original punk thoughts underground ( hear, for example, the old-school fun punks Bluejacket -> Free Downloads HERE). This tradition also follow Western Grace, which is responsible Lory’s equal times for guitar and bass playing, as well as for singing. A deep-tuned punk chunk of abbekommt some bumps with a bit of hardcore and alternative twist. “Mavericks Not Politics” pushes over four minutes, this bold hook grooving to himself, egged on by Lory’s grim tone. The catchy melodic punk number “Lockjaw” gets by guest keyboardist Jason Groff almost a cute painting, while “To Fly With Angels” headlong into the mosh pit and crossover clock merrily bouncing up and down. Overall a worth listening flashback to give us a Western titled Grace manner consistent with their debut album “Take Back the Scene” to mind. A CD of the album was produced in limited edition and may be ordered directly from Lory (josh.lory @ To the new, pre-announced EP fans still waiting.

PS: “These guys Should do more research, there’s a band called Western Already Grace, it’s us,” read part of the band in October 2012. Meant the band some months earlier founded Western Grace of Germany, which had already represented her demo at our Bandcamp punks was (see HERE) and next to the band name also has stylistic similarities. Since the term hacking scandal gets just log an entirely new meaning.

The Bloody Strummers:

Josh Lory, this time “just” to find on bass, The Bloody Strummers in 2009 founded with singer and guitarist Matt Biggers, already in the 90s along with the dark-tinged New Wave Psychedelic band Soul Device (Free download here) played. Together with Western Grace and temporary drummer Nick White (and others still at Divit) and keyboardist Masaki Liu dare this time an even further step back into the past. Your so far only album “Return Of The Halcyon Days” is meant as a tribute to the music of the 50s and 60s, in which they deliberately reduced fuzz, garage and psychedelic rock together and let it rise in simple pop numbers . Sometimes even more gorgeous exaggerated, as in “Paranoia strikes”. The band is currently working on new songs, looking for their completion, however, still desperately looking for a guitarist. Who sees itself chosen for yes now knows Lory’s e-mail address.

Spin Cycle:

The rock and roll and classic rock cover band Spin Cycle has a few years under their belt. Led by frontwoman Cindy Harrison and guitarist and vocalist Mike Fish are classics from the Stones , Beatles and Elvis , but mostly songs that are accompanied by a holy light, replayed. “Cycle Spinning Sky” is the live recording of a performance in 1999, which unfortunately correspondingly worse (some might even sympathetic say) the quality presented.

(yeah, they got the wrong band on that one)

Straightners & Fasteners + Trench Warfare + Juggernaut Crustacean

After school, do homework quickly and then ran to the Super Nintendo. Children’s author Kevin Noel Olsen’s was founded in 1995 Industrial Project Juggernaut Crustacean supplies to the nostalgic and hypnotic soundtrack. Even further back is its common bond with guitarist Bob Calkins. 1986 did the two together under the name Straighteners & Fasteners. Also impressed by the Industrial, but rather to situate the punk and New Wave, created in 1994 four songs during a trip to the two Needlerock Ranch in Wyoming that were grouped under the name “Needlerock Scissors Paper”. Something Keyboard and sample playful Olsen and Calkins settled in her later gegründetem New Wave project Trench Warfare. For Down the Line Collective dug the two recorded their 1989 EP “Breathe In The Fresh mustard gas” from.

Mike Indest & Eddie Parrino:

The-Basement Tapes voice Mike Indest provides for a change, no questions about music, but leaves its own and be his love of 80’s electro-pop for yourself. While there was more towards dance with his band Mononaut he tried under his own name in the acoustic singer / songwriter and indie pop out on his new EP “The trouble is …,” which he with the experimental singer / songwriter and his friend Eddie Parrino years of grossed even in the folk-rock. The two have been jammed together in the 90s and wrote under the name The Morton Avenue Sessions some songs that Parrino presented on his Reverbnation page.

The Radiant Dregs:

The man and wife play together in a band, not only works for the White Stripes. Elisha and Cynthia from Flagstaff to use their family name still the same as the figurehead of their own small labels Village Smith Records (great name!). But they bought in 2001, only a digital 4-track recorder and recorded hundreds of songs since then in the living room on, including songs from their gemiensamen also, minimalist project noisigen The Earworms. Under the name The Radiant Dregs since 2001, the two already fabricate a plethora of music that moves slowly somewhere between anti-folk, art-rock and indie. Cynthia writes alongside another song for her brother Philip Stranger, which also gets absorbed by the village of Smith’s songs. Some of these songs were also on the Earworms album “Boo” again. And as if that were not enough, there has been over the years with Puddles Cuddles of another side project, of course, again with Cynthia and Elisha, where live out in the alternative.

Jim Wiita:

The American singer / songwriter Jim Wiita is busy on Songtüfteln. After two previous albums, he released his first EP this year “ElectricNeoNplastic” which contains three instrumental songs that unusual jagged and uneingängig progressing and which incorporate the later digitally added folk elements fairly homogeneous. That had to be the two home records before still hold against. His Americana acoustic folk rock only worked in places with the electronic fakes, which affected the overall picture more than a bit. Down the Line Collective encouraged him: “It is coming again!” Ah, ok …

And How:

And again at the end of which the delicate stringed corner of singer / songwriters. Since his comeback in 2010 And how can look back on a proud six albums, all of which were recorded and taken by him. His latest album “Tractor” also affords you some peppy proliferations and leaves ever rev up an electric guitar.