Mike Indest Releases The Pretty EP

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Mike Indest releases his second new EP this year. “The Pretty EP” is the evil twin of this years earlier release “The Trouble Is…”. “The Pretty EP” features Eddie Parrino on bass and BGV’s and Monty LeBlanc on drums but also includes some surprise instrumentation like glockenspiel and melodica. This also marks the first time in 10 years that Mike has strapped on the electric guitar. Artwork design by one of Mike’s favorite artists, Robert Ardion.

But wait there’s more! Also available mastered for the first time “Shine Down”. Originally released in 2003 this version has been mastered by Jeff Elbel in 2013 and features a cover painting by Michael Knott and cover design by Matt Crosslin.

Also mastered for the first time is “Let’s Have Church” with cover painting by Michael Knott, album design by Matt Crosslin and was mastered by Jeff Elbel.

“Let’s Have Church” features favorites like “Sister Big Boobs” and “Pentecostal Pamela Lee”.

Also available is Mike’s debut “3 Stories By Swimsuit Grandma” mastered for the first time and features two hidden EP’s featuring 4 track and cassette demos. Jim Wiita designed the artwork for the hidden EPs.

If you’re not sold yet… It’s all Free! Yeah that’s right, no pay what ya want, no required information. It’s all yours!