John J. Thompson to Write About Bread, Coffee, Chocolate, Beer, and Jesus

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John J. Thompson of Ture Tunes News and The Wayside announced a new book he working on. Here is an excerpt from the announcement:

“…I think millions of people who are checking out of “Church” are doing so for the same reasons they are checking out of Wal-Mart. I’ve been exploring these questions in my own life, and I’ve been discussing them with artisans, curators and makers around the world. This book will attempt to explore these ideas, to capture these conversations, and to connect them all to points on a map of my own personal journey through what has been a weird and wonderful life.

I’m excited to get started. My goal is to have a completed manuscript by early 2014 with a release in either late 2014 or early 2015. I am hoping to coalesce a community of supporters, friends, fellow travelers and advocates through this blog. If you have not yet subscribed please do. Members of this group will get sneak peeks at the text, will see reports from me throughout the creation of the book and will have access to special advance offers and other goodies that will be announced here first. Please sign up, and please spread the word.”

So go to his site and sign up for the updates. There is also talk of a possible new album from The Wayside? One can only hope so.