Help Jennifer Knapp Record A New Album

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From Jennifer Knapp’s PledgeMusic page: “I’m excited to tell you about my new record. This is a new chapter in my career, and I wouldn’t be here without your incredible support. When I returned to music after taking several years off, I didn’t know if anyone would be waiting for me. But you all stuck around, even with my coming out and even though I wasn’t necessarily writing for the Christian market anymore. I’m immensely grateful for the chance we have to continue our open and honest dialogue, and for all you new folks who have joined in identifying with this crazy journey of mine.

Because of what feels like a true bond, I want you to come along on the ride of making this next record. This is the first time where I feel like I don’t have to play to radio or any one genre’s expectations of what my music should sound like. In between shows and touring across the country, I’ve been writing in a new way— some of the songs are intimate conversations between two characters, and some of the songs are very raw and confrontational because of where we’ve been the past few years. I think it’s some of the most mature writing I’ve ever done, and I want to give these songs room to stand on their own without getting lost in the slick production demanded by radio. You all have been very supportive of the stripped-down sound of just my vocals and acoustic at my live shows, and that’s the direction I want to go in for this album. I’m hoping to revisit my beginnings when I was listening to Patty Griffin, Tracy Chapman, and old Cowboy Junkies tunes— open and honest songwriting with room to breathe.

If you’ve been out to shows recently, you’ve heard some of these new songs in what I like to call “Smash or Trash,” where I’ve played some of these new tunes for you to see if they’re ready to record. If you come along on the journey for the new album, you’ll get even more sneak peeks into this record and be the first to hear about how it turns out. I’ll be sharing pics, videos, and updates from the studio and beyond as this album comes together. There are many options for exclusive items and experiences on the right.

Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you soon.”