Join The Choir To Create A New Studio Album & Live Album

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The Choir desires to record a brand new studio album in December, 2013 through January 2014. We also want to record a live album on March 1st, 2014 in Nashville. We would like you to join us in these endeavors.

Having made music together for thirty years, we are proud of our legacy. But we are very excited about our present and future. We are aching to have the time and production value to make our fifteenth studio offering the best yet.  We also want to record a definitive live album on March 1, 2014. With a great crew, fun venue, top of the line gear and you in the audience providing inspiration.  We expect to capture a soul-stirring “live and in-concert” recordings of our classic songs and newest material.

The base $25,000 will certainly get the job done for us to see these records through to their very best. We will be grateful and humbled to be funded.  And we are hopeful that we will exceed our goal so that we will have the budget to further our marketing and touring objectives.  Every week we get emails from old Choir friends who just found us after ten, fifteen or even twenty years.  We will use the additional funding for marketing purposes, to reach out to long lost Choir pals as well as win some new fans (hey, it’s never too late!). We also invest in our touring, to get out to more cities and improve the production of our shows.”