Brain Healy In Need of Your Thoughts and Prayers

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For those who haven’t heard, Brian Healy of Dead Artist Syndrome has been in the hospital this week and is need of thoughts and prayers. Here are the latest updates:

“Brian Healy is resting in his hospital room after a long but good day he was able to avert open heart surgery when while being prepped in the cath lab they were able to dislodge an artieral blockage. Now lets hope they can figure out the brain and lung issues. Thanks for the prayers!
Grace & Peace
Robert & Marie Healy”

“Brian Healy Update: And the hits keep coming. Last night Brian Had a cardiac incident and will have heart surgery tomorrow @ 10:00 am pst. All prayers welcome.
Grace & Peace,
Marie & Robert Healy”

“Brian Healy update: Ok for background, for a couple of weeks Brian/Dad was having periods of disorientation. Last Wednesday I came home from school and found him passed out. Marie came home and we got Dad to the hospital trying to keep him conscious. He made it to the intake window before passing out and falling against it. At that point he was taken into the ER proper.

While we still don’t know what is fully going on, we do know he probably did have at least one transient stroke. He is awake, somewhat alert but is having minor motor skill problems. He also is having problems with his heart and lungs and his doctors are currently trying to separate causes from effects. We do not know when he will be home from the hospital or what is fully wrong at this point. We only request your prayers for him and his doctors as well as your understanding.

We really are grateful for your concerns but at this time we really can’t respond to all your gracious emails and calls. This page will be the best source for information for the near future. All we care about right now is the father and husband we know recovering, not the artist or friend others know him as.

Grace & Peace,
Robert & Marie Healy”