Nate Houge & Welaware Release Anchor

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From Nate Houge: “Yep.  It’s done, it’s released, all the pre-orders have been sent and now it’s available for immediate download and purchase.  As with all my music you can pay what you want for the MP3 version and for the physical CD (which comes with an immediate free download of the MP3s) you can pay what you want starting as low as $5 to cover shipping and handling.  This is the best album I’ve ever made.  It has an immediacy and passion that I’ve been trying to capture for years.  The packaging is great – an uncoated finish with that sweet Anchor designed by my friend Erin and an insert with all the lyrics and liner notes.  The band rocked (as playing with great friends and musicians will do), the studio was old school and analog with the King of Northfield at the helm.  I love everything about this album.  I want you to have it.”