Help Out a Member of the Collective

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Sean Severson, aka And How of the Down The Line Collective, has undergone some medical trials over the past few years and could use your help:

“For the Severson family, it has been a tough journey.

Four years ago, Sean experienced faint eyebrow spasms. Within two weeks, half of his face was paralyzed. He could no longer close his eye, move the right side of his face, or even smile. The doctors said it was Bell’s Palsy.

Two years and many MRI’s later, the doctors still said, “Bell’s Palsy.” Sean’s wife, Eliza, put him on the Mayo waiting list and a year later, they got the call.  Mayo found what looked like a small tumor that was causing the paralysis, not Bell’s Palsy.

In the summer of 2012, Sean had his first surgery.  The doctors were able to remove the small mass and, thankfully, it was not cancer!  But Sean’s facial nerves were burned out and the chance for his eye to close or a smile to form was very slim.  They were also able to insert an eye weight so he would somewhat be able to blink.  Unfortunately, due to the location of the tumor, the surgery also caused chronic ear pressure, discomfort and distorted hearing.

Sean waited an entire year after the surgery, hoping for facial movement to appear, but there was none.

On February 12th, 2014, Sean will begin undergoing more surgeries.  He will begin with a major two-part facial nerve surgery and an inner ear surgery to hopefully un-do the damage that was done to his ear.  The second part of the facial nerve surgery is planned for later in November.  Sean’s surgeon is convinced the facial nerve surgeries could give Sean back 70% of his facial movement below his eye, significantly improving his quality of life.

Through all of these struggles, Sean continues to be an at home dad to his three year old son and five year old daughter.  He also works part-time caring for vulnerable adults; a job that he truly loves.

In addition to his family and work, another lifelong passion for Sean is creating music. He has been writing, recording and sharing his songs since the age of 13. He has continued making music throughout his condition by holding his face and stretching the side of his mouth to be able to sing.

Today, we are still hopeful Sean will feel better, closer to how he did before this all started.

Although the Seversons have health insurance, the surgeries are not fully covered.  The  families of Eliza and Sean have been extremely supportive, but the deductibles and co-pays continue to accumulate as well as many medical-related expenses.   Please consider a financial gift to help this amazing family! – See more at:”