All Three Prodigal Albums To Be Released on CD

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A new website for the classic 80s progressive rock/new wave band Prodigal is now up with this announcement: “We are now accepting orders for Prodigal’s 30th Anniversary Limited Edition 3 CD Set. To commemorate the release of the Electric Eye  album in 1984, we are offering the ProdigalElectric Eye, and Just Like Real Lifealbums on individual CDs – the complete Prodigal library in one sweet package. Each album was restored and remastered from the original analog master tapes by Gary Hedden ( with stunning results. So, while you’re here, check out the sample music clips, click on the photos page for a giggle (it was the 80’s ya know), and then head over to the store to place your order. Approximate ship date is 6/1/14.”

Prodigal released an album in 1984 that had computer code on it with lyrics and images for a Commodore 64. That is just one factoid that proves how ahead of their time they were.

Sadly, the band also announced the passing of their front man not long after the web site went live: “Amidst the excitement of releasing the Prodigal library on CD, it is with saddened hearts that we must announce the passing of our good friend and bandmate – songwriter/vocalist/keyboardist Loyd Boldman – on the evening of April 22, 2014. The soaring voice, the driving keyboards, the penetrating lyrics, the eye for design that were so integral to the music and image of Prodigal were partials of a whole, with many other facets being developed and revealed during the Prodigal years and beyond. Loyd was a congenial man to cross paths with, a clever and engaging man to know casually, and a complex and fascinating man (with a heart as big as the planet) to have as a friend. And as his friends of 30+ years, we would like to honor Loyd by saying, “Thanks!” Thanks not just for the music, but thanks for being a good father, a gracious friend, a powerful worshipper, an honorable servant. Well done, Loydious – may you shine like neon forever!”