Billy Power to Release a Book About Blenderhead Tour

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Bottle Breaker: 52 Days on the Road with Blenderhead in the Summer of 1995 by Billy Power

Last summer I ran across my handwritten journal from the Blenderhead / MxPx national tour in 1995.  I transcribed the journal, added current notes, photos and other items of interest.  Next year will be the 20th anniversary of this tour.  It’s really hard to imagine that is even possible!

Anyway, I’m in the final stages of putting this thing together.  It will be available on Amazon as an e-book and will also be available in paperback.  I am going to sign a number of copies which I will be selling directly from this website.

I am in the process of writing a 2nd book that covers my entire musical journey of the last 40 years.  My hope is to finish that book before the end of this year.

I don’t have an official release date for Bottle Breaker yet, but it will be before summer is over. For updates on what I have going on, please connect with me on FacebookTwitter or join my E-Mail List.