Western Grace Releases Bury Me Deep EP

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Before Western Grace there was Bury Me Deep, but since there are a ton of bands called Bury Me Deep and the name was getting old Jason came up with the name Western Grace after the Hot Water Music song. The music on this EP was recorded way back in 2002! Nick and Mick were in Divit at the time, I was inbetween bands after the Bluejacket split. I tried singing and wasn’t happy with my vocals, so I asked my good friend Jason Groff of Impeller to help out on lyrics and vocals. We ended up recording 5 more songs with Chris Dugan on drums and Masaki Liu on guitar. 4 of those tunes were rerecorded with me on vocals and guitar and were 2/5’s of the “Take Back The Scene” album, 1 was rerecorded for the Lifesavers album “Heaven High” with Michael Knott. I will more than likely not be releasing the other 5 tunes with Jason on vocals, they are great, but having already been released on other albums with different lyrics and vocal melodies I see no point. Anyway I love these tunes and hope you do too!