Swimsuit Grandma Returns with “Barely There”

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Swimsuit Grandma (Mike Indest  with Eddie Parrino, Monty LeBlanc, and Glen Sigur) has returned with the free EP Barely There. Indest had this to say about the songs: “These songs were a stretch for me after a long writing dry spell. I knew I needed to do something different but was unsure throughout the writing process about where this was heading. Things started to look more certain during the recording process especially with how well these tunes were received by Eddie. Thank you Eddie for the encouragement! Thanks to Eddie, Monty and Glen for playing along. Each song is based on a chapter in from the book of Lamentations.”

Sean Severson of And How had this to say: “Might be my favorite group of Mike Indest songs! Versatile, yet cohesive. Airy, rocking and head-bopping, yet emotionally, it’s as dense as mud. *****(5-star)! “