Bill Mallonee & The Darkling Planes Release Winnowing

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It’s here! Officially.
Winnowing, the new 10 song album by Bill Mallonee & The Darkling Planes, has been “birthed.”
What a great ride this has been.
I’ll keep this short: Thank you to all who were able to pre-order the album.
Your goodwill allowed us the time & resources to write, record, mix, master and duplicate the album.

~ It is now available in CD & Digital download formats at: Winnowing.

~ A Vinyl version of Winnowing is available by pre-order here at: Winnowing Vinyl.

Lastly, here are two early reviews:

From Steve Ruff/editor @ DownTheLineZine:
“Winnowing is both elegant & edgy; his ability to write through the eyes of the ‘everyday man’ is so perfected and honest. It’s Mallonee’s best album to date and given the massive output, that’s saying a lot.”

And from UK blogger, Simon Jones:
“On the liner notes [Mallonee] says: “Winnowing is an Autumn record; Autumn with her colors, smells, diminishing light heralding the approaching dormancy of the winter. That seems to be the “voice” of much of this album.”
I agree that the tone is autumnal but there’s no approaching dormancy here: the writing is vibrant, alert, alive to life’s possibilities and disappointments. The album truly charts ‘the landscapes of reality’ with a keen eye and faith-filled spirit.
A couple of years ago I blogged that Amber Waves was his best album to date; then last year, I thought Dolorosa topped it; now I think this new one might be the best of the three. It seems to me that far from entering a time of dormancy, Mallonee has hit a rich vein of insight and tunefulness – long may it continue.”
~ Simon Jones

A Happy, Restorative weekend to all,
Bill & Muriah