Chris Taylor and Lo-Fidelity Records Release Daylight

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“I just finished my new album called Daylight. It’s a very personal record for me, as far as lyrical content goes. It’s not trying to sound like anyone or be like anything. It’s 10 songs, recorded in my living room with my live band in San Antonio… The music was made underneath white Christmas lights and a blue light sparkling mirror ball throwing shapes all over the walls. We used acoustic and electric guitars, djembes and percussion, fretless bass and we sang our hearts out. It was meant to be whispered in your ears through headphones or pumped through your car stereo on road trips. And at its best, Daylight is meant to give us some hope in the form of sound and melody… Into your ears, through your veins and straight into your heart.” ~ Chris Taylor 10/14/14

See the Lo-Fidelity BandCamp page to listen or order