Deliverance Front Man Announces Sophomore Jupiter VI Release

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The year was 2005, founder and brainchild of speed metal band Deliverance, Jimmy P Brown II was approached by the owner of PyschoAcoustix Records. He asked Jimmy if he could make an album along the lines of David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’ or something along those lines of inventing a character and creating a record to go with this concept. The question intrigued Jimmy, especially since he has always had a tremendous amount of love and respect for the music of Bowie, so he agreed to think about it.

Having no idea what or how to go about it, Jimmy then created the idea of Jupiter VI. A band that in a science fiction setting would be sent from Earth to the planet Mars to find notoriety, fame and acceptance. He loosely based the story of Jupiter VI on his experience in the Christian Music Industry with the band Deliverance. The result was ‘Back From Mars’ which was a record that was a throwback to 70’s Glam Rock, while retaining a slew of influence from that time frame. ‘Back From Mars’ was well received and the project grew from a project to an actual band, performing a few shows over the next year after its release. But, as in the story of Jupiter VI, they vanished as quickly as they appeared. Until…

2014 marked a year of significant change for Jimmy. He began writing a conceptual piece based on his experience in the work force and the travels he had experienced. This time, not wanting to create a quirky, kitsch style album, he began to draw from his influences growing up, and cultivated a story of desperation, decent into darkness and madness and ultimately redemption.

He’s aptly titled this new body of music “mOVABLE wALLS”. The storyline takes you on a journey of being drawn into the corporate world, the gratification, the loneliness, the depression and the will of one man to claw his way out to find love, happiness and redemption once again. It’s a psychological metaphor for the walls we put up emotionally that fortify over years of ignoring what a human being can become if they allow themselves to be overcome by the lust for money, power and greed.

This musical offering shows an evolution for Brown and is quite possibly his most accomplished and ambitious work to date. Unlike ‘Back From Mars’ in which Jimmy played all instrumentation, he recruited the extraordinarily talented Jeff Ceyba. Jeff served as musical director for the live band incarnation of Jupiter VI when the band became a live entity. Ceyba, being no stranger to the industry, and having an impressive musical resume was excited to work with Brown on this project. He refers to the music as “celestial and meaningful”!

There’s Pop Music, there’s Rock Music, and there’s JUPITER VI! You are not going to want to miss this so jump on board and get ready for the ride!

“mOVABLE wALLS” is set to be released on ROXX RECORDS on December 16, 2014, just in time for Christmas and this release promises not to disappoint. Even better those that get in on the special pre order can also get a completely separate Limited Edition bonus disc EP entitled ‘Covered Stars and Undiscovered Planets’.

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1. Sleepless End pt. I-IV (19:54)
2. Wasting Away (06:53)
3. Running (05:40)
4. Face in the Sky (03:42)
5. a Message from Home pt. I (12:16)

Total Running Time: 49 Minutes

Style: Ethereal Rock / Progressive Rock
Style: Dramatic / Emotionally Driven Music / Pink Floyd