Raven Faith Records signs with The Bricks

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Raven Faith Records is pleased to announce that it has signed a contract with American punk rock band “The Bricks”

Bricks Bio

Two friends from different sides of music came together and asked the question “why haven’t we played together before?” Out of that one question Kelly Turney and Chris Smith started looking for a band to play with and not finding what either was looking for decided to start a band of their own. Kelly brought in a friend Jimmy Hobbs to do vocals/guitar and the next step was finding a drummer. Through a weekly meeting at a local taco joint Kelly was introduced to Jared Collins. Jared tried out and instantly fit and toward the end of 2010, The Bricks were born.

With a love for hard in your face music and Jesus, the four members began writing songs that displayed the gospel message and in your face punk rock. The first full show was with Destroy Nate Allen at the Hole in Omaha, NE and after many shows around the Omaha area the band was in full stride developing their style. A year later Jared moved on to college and The Bricks picked up Mathew Lewis as their new drummer. Mathew and Kelly had played together before in another local group. Mathew tossed some new ideas into the ring and his first show with The Bricks was an opener up for Flatfoot 56.

The Bricks don’t hold back and will play with anyone who asks no matter the size of the crowd. Their songs are deeply personal and show their love for Jesus and the roots of punk rock as well as their thoughts on life, love and unity. Their shows are energetic and bring a little bit from everywhere in the musical world. Jimmy, Chris, Kelly & Mathew are The Bricks- straight out of Omaha, NE.

Raven Faith Records located in Ada, Oklahoma is a label that promotes creative, DIY (do it yourself) punk rock bands, spoken words poets etc. Raven Faith has also worked with Thumper Punk Records in doing co-releases with such artists as The Poor Geezers, Ambassadors of Shalom, and the Food For Life compilation.