New Christmas EP from Deni Gauthier

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May Your Heart Be Light

Happy Nov 25th!

I know, time flies, right? Hope you are doing well. Just a quick note before December arrives and blows everything up… It appears I’ll be playing music for much of the month his year, so I wanted to touch base before it gets too busy. If you would like to know where I’m playing, your best bet is to go over to my Facebook page so we can stay connected that way.

I rocked some overtime during the last couple of weeks and finished up some Christmas tunes so I could offer up a 6 song EP. I tried to keep them simple and pretty, you know, Christmasy. If you want to listen to it, or pick up a CD (makes great gifts to hand around this season) please head over to the Bandcamp page and have at ‘er! They are shipping now. You can pick up a download of “Let Your Heart Be Light” there as well.

While I’m at it, I’d like you to use the discount code “heartlight” at checkout for 20% off ALL prints, shirts, CD’s and vinyl at my store. Valid until Dec 25th.

I really hope you have a wonderful December and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the road!
I can’t say it enough, I appreciate you :)