Bill Mallonee Accepting Pre-orders for New Album “Land & Peoples”

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Lands & Peoples” will be a folk/folk rock type of album…with a religious worldview. 12-20 songs!
That being said?
There is nothing “preachy” here.
Call it some hard won impressions of the national/human condition…with our redemption and whole-ness at the end of the drive…
My views on things are nothing more than most folks would say are basic to human dignity and the dynamic of compassion and love.
I have no agendas here. Our history should always be up for scrutiny, I believe.

Yes, I believe passionately in the perpetual Love & Mercy of God.
“Accept you acceptance,” says theologian Paul Tillich
And thus, I believe in our bounded duty to love mankind, as well.
With that as my “true north” compass point, I’ve written a number of songs over the last year that I feel speak to these beliefs.
No, I’m sure this album won’t “change the world,” but worlds are informed one person at a time…
My hope is that these songs will change the way we view that broken, tired, old weary world, our neighbors, and very ourselves…

We’re in the early stage of recording Lands & Peoples, but it’s likely to be about 15 songs or more. I’m working with a 20 song set list.

SO: Please, please, PLEASE consider helping us with a pre-order of this album. It’ll definitely help sustain us over the few months that it takes to record and manufacture this album.

All the best to you & your loved ones for a grand New Year of Health, happiness and Good Friends…
to Grace,
Bill Mallonee, Muriah Rose & the Big Sky Ramblers