Help XL & DBD Record A New Album

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From the band’s GoFundMe page: “To all our current and future fans, XL & Death Before Dishonor endeavors  to give you the album you’ve long waited for. You know the new drill, not many bands are using record labels anymore. So I am asking ” YOU” my faithful fans to help fund this new album. XL & DBD will travel east to the Daytona Beach area in Florida to record our 3rd and best effort at Sound Mind Studios. This is happening next month, so we need you to act quickly friends. We’ll need travel funds, funds for production, food, lodging, and the time off from work to make this happen. So drop us $10, $20, $50, $100, $500, $1000 or th e whole $5000 if you got it like that.  help the legendary XL and Death Before Dishonor fulfill their long awaited destiny to bring you another album that the known world has waited for.

Thank You,
Todd Stevens- A.K.A –  XL”