Support ‘Critical Mass’ – New Solo Music From Jerry Chamberlain

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Forty years ago in 1975, Jerry Chamberlain walked into a professional recording studio for the first time to lay down his initial recorded work as a founding member with Daniel Amos (DA). Since that time, he has played guitar and sung on many artists’ projects, some of those his own (Boy-O-Boy, The Balls Of France), and lent musical support for many recordings. Besides Daniel Amos, Chamberlain has been a long-time member of Swirling Eddies (under the pseudonym of “Spot”). His own songs have surfaced here and there (“Man In The Moon”, “Little Crosses”, etc.), but he has never recorded a solo album. Until now. Announcing the eclectic rock debut from lead guitarist-singer/songwriter/producer, Jerry Chamberlain. We have reachedCritical Mass.

Critical Mass will be an indie/mainstream album, chock-full of enough boat-rocking to offend anyone. Written over the last few decades, songs range from personal experience and observations, to social commentary and biting satire, with Chamberlain’s flair for poetry and clever wordplay, whether humorous or melancholic.

The songs have already been written, but the recording has only just begun on a couple of tunes. Click here for more details on the Kickstarter for this project.