The Blue Fuse EP Release, Light It Up

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The Blue Fuse features the music of Theo Obrastoff in their debut release “Light It Up” (the Fuse that is…not something else, lol).

The recording was produced as a “demo” to be used in scoring local gigs in western Washington state but was quickly packaged up for fans who were asking for anything the band had recorded. The response to the recording along with live events has been phenomenal and The Blue Fuse is excited to dig into 2016 and explore all that lies ahead.  Fans of Obrastoff might notice that two of the songs were previously performed or recorded in earlier incarnations (Streets 1991 and Snow Globe Life 1996).  Along with Theo the band includes Dick Richardson (bass), Joe Cresanti (keys, back vocals), and band-friend Dave Petrie (drums).  The EP is available during events in hard copy and is available on line via CD Baby or iTunes.