The Co​-​Op Communique Volume One

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Radio Eclectic is pleased (ecstatic) to help introduce a new experiment in the distribution of independent music: The Co-Op Communique Volume One. The Co-Op, spearheaded by Dw. Dunphy, “distributes music from independent artists seeking to share their output with an enthusiastic audience.” The first volley comes to us as a compilation album, free to download on Bandcamp, and soon to be available through the other usual suspects for digital downloads.

Brian Healy’s Dead Artist Syndrome open the proceedings; for those not in the know, DAS is “kind of a big deal.” Perhaps even a bigger deal, the compilation ends with a new track from Ric Alba, formerly of the Altar Boys. By including these artists, The Co-Op signals that they are serious about the level of artistry they want to highlight–this is a well-curated collection of DIY writers, musicians, and producers, not a random assortment of would-be YouTube sensations.

Across the Communique‘s 18 tracks, we hear a range of rock stylings, mostly hovering in the vicinity of alternative (Jeff Elbel + Ping, And How, Dann Gunn) and singer-songwriter (Mike Indest, Eddie Parrino), with forays into progressive pop (Dw. Dunphy) and avante-garde (Justin Velluci). Again, the quality is astounding: this is all the great indie rock you knew was hiding out on Bandcamp somewhere, but got tired of digging around for. Reengage in the joy of discovery. Fight the power. Dig to the bottom of the box for your secret decoder ring, and listen to The Co-Op Communique Volume One.