Bill Mallonee Releases Three New Albums

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Most Recently is “Songs For The Journey & Beyond.”:

“This is a “Free or PayWhatChaFeel” album. It’s yours ot whatever feels right. No strings attatched.
We’ll leave it up through Monday.

Honestly? Might be one of the most important albums I ever made. Confessional/no code/4 tracks/last ride sorta thing. Good to still be here.

There’s an essay at the bandcamp site that says it all. Still proud of the songs & whole ball of wax. Have at it. Download, share and enjoy…”

Next up is “In The New Dark Age” by Bill Mallonee and Victory Garden

“It’s an glorious “age” we think you’ll love! This new 13 song album is a salute. A primer, if you will. This is Jangle-Pop-Rock-Psychedelia-Trippiness with a pint (or two) of the British invasion. It’s a 60’s magical, wonderful ride. Full of Rickenbakers & 12 string guitas, mellotrons, chamber strings, & wondrous sonic textures.

Reasons to buy:
1. Some of the coolest songs I’ve ever penned are here under one roof.
2. Many amazing musicians worked with me on these songs. (The personell line-up is  listed below.)
3. These elabortaely produced songs were crafted by some great producers, as well. (Again,see below)

These are songs that I wanted to group to showcase a “different side” of how I think & write as a song-writer.”

And then there is “New York State of Mind”:

“It’s 18 songs comprising a “live in the studio set” plus 4 brand new recordings! Much Thanks to mastering guru Chris Bethea, edit king, Bruce Neher and recording engineer Jesse Sprinkle for their talents and time on this.

NOTE: We’ve priced it low. This fine recording is available he download at: New York State of Mind. We seriously think you’ll enjoy these intimate, small room performances and the new recordings!”