New Music From Mike Indest

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This year Mike Indest is releasing 3 projects that feature his long time partner in crime, Eddie Parrino. The first one is entitled “Live At Eddie’s” and features some of your Favorite Mike Indest songs with a 3 piece live arrangement. Different keys, Mike on guitar, Eddie on Bass and Monty LeBlanc on Drums. If you’ve ever wondered what Mike’s techno or ukulele songs would sound like in a stripped down rock and roll setting, wonder no more! Track list includes “Sister Big Boobs”, “I Know You Can Shine Without Me”, “The Little Foxes”, “Once”, and “Sirens”. As always, all of Mike’s official releases are free to download.

Also, Eddie is busy producing Mike’s next EP called, “She’s Gone”. The demos are available in Mike’s new backstage area on his bandcamp site. Also available in the backstage area is a previously unreleased Sci-Fi, bachelor pad full length instrumental project.

Mike promises lots of unreleased tracks, live tracks and demos of new songs for the backstage area all for only $5 a year.