PJ Bostic Releases One-Man Progressive Rock Album

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On December 15, Bostic released Light Me On, a heavy but light and airy prog rock sound that delivers fresh and palatable tunes to a very discriminating audience. Fans of Rush, Porcupine Tree, Ty Tabor and even Sunny Day Real Estate have something to grab onto here.

PJ Bostic works at his craft with a passion and determination that is as infectious as the melodious hooks, the intricate, skillful instrumentation, and the poetic words that chronicle his vision. Every detail of Light Me On is carefully planned – so much so that Bostic followed one of his lifelong dreams of playing every instrument and singing every note of an album, which he did for all 11 tracks of his new release, Light Me On.  Amidst a sea of choices on the internet, it won’t be a surprise when his fan base holds this album up as a worthy sonic journey and exceptional piece of art.

“I’m not creating music to mildly please the masses,” he explains. “I’ve always been into music on a very deep level and though I usually try to like everything I only follow a small handful of bands. Music is not background noise for me. I get into the visual and sonic elements of a band and it reaches me in a profound way.”

“To reach someone else in a meaningful way, to stir up joy and wonderment within them, that’s what makes it all worthwhile. I had someone tell me recently that my song ‘Religion’ (from the Bullies at the Border album) was his favorite song of all time. That’s the kind of impact I want to make. That’s the person I’m creating art for.”

Also known as Paul Joseph Roraback, PJ took his present moniker to honor his grandfather’s wish that Paul would carry on his true family name – Bostic. When his grandfather passed away, Paul began using PJ Bostic as his alter ego for his solo career, paying tribute to the man whose early influences left a lasting impression on his life.

PJ has been a professional touring and recording musician for over 20 years. He’s worked with such artists as Monte Montgomery, Bloodgood, and Lisa Tingle, and was a drum tech for legendary drummer Terry Bozzio for three years. He also co-founded the Forefront/EMI signed Seattle band Grammatrain, known internationally for their music.