The Co​-​Op Communique Volume Two Has Been Released

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No kidding! Rather than having people think that we’re tricking them, The Co-Op Communique Vol. 2 is now live! Featuring The Bloody Strummers (featuring Joshua Lory), Lisa Mychols, Ken Paxton (With Michael Roe & Mark Harmon!), Christopher David (from the band Magatha Trysty), The Missed Connections (Amelia Meta), The Bradburys (featuring Dan Pavelich) The Punch Line (featuring Robert L. Ross), Theodore Andrew Obrastoff, the b-attitudes, Mike Indest, and many of the artists that also appeared on Vol. 1. I hope you’ll check us out right now!

So what’s going on? Well, if you’re in the Co-Op, you’re in all year. Ordinarily when you move from volume to volume with these compilations, previous contributors become old news, moved past for the next bunch. But that’s not what The Co-Op is about. Artists will get presence on every release through the year. We’ll start from scratch in January.

For the downloader, it means a huge amount of music. For the artist, it means the possibility of continued promotion.