Champion Leader Releases Chat Room Days

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This came in yesterday from J Bozeman of Champion Leader / Luxusry fame:


In the Orthodox churches, today is “Bright Monday” and it follows our celebration of Christ’s Resurrection and “Pascha” Sunday. Great Lent and Holy Week are over, Christ is risen, and now (of much lesser significance, but significant nonetheless)  the newest Champion Leader recording is available.

You will find it here, free to stream up to seven times and $5 to download in its entirety:

Champion Leader: CHAT ROOM DAYS

I hope that you enjoy what you hear. I very much enjoyed writing and recording these songs, of which I am very pleased.

Thank you for sticking around and supporting my music. Feel free to share the link to the Champion Leader page with your friends, family, allies and other potentially interested persons.

And please take a moment to also visit the sites for They Sang As They Slew and Luxury.

Allow me to wish you all a wonderful “Bright Week” and say to you “Christ is risen!”

J Bozeman (aka Father James)
of Champion Leader (and St James Orthodox Church)