Did You Like Any Hardcore/Alt/Punk Christian Bands in the 90s? Then Check Out the Moonsong Documentary

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If you listened to any Tooth & Nail bands in the 1990s, chances are you were a fan of the work of Bob Moon and his team at Moonsong Studios. MXPX, OC Supertones, Dogwood, Project 86, Innermeans, Fold Zandura, Outer Limits, and Officer Negative are just a few of the bands that Recorded at Moonsong Studio. A new documentary is in the works from Joe Sidoti, one of the engineers that worked there. In his words:

“I’m making a full length Documentary about Moonsong Studio, and the Artists and Musicians who recorded there.
I was the only other engineer besides Bob Moon who worked there. I had the opportunity to record so many bands there. My hope is this documentary celebrates the artists who recorded there and sheds some light on a time in Christian music when it was more important to make music then it was to sell the music.

This will be a labor of Love! But nothing is free. We will need to pay for equipment, camera crew, editing and travel. As well as Distribution.

This Documentary will discuss the impact Bob Moon and Moonsong studio had on countless bands, label owners and musicians.”

See the GoFundMe page for more information and details on how to support this documentary.