Muriah Rose Releases Debut Album “Beneath the Clay”

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“After 2 years of work, Beneath the Clay is finally getting it’s birthday! Thanks to the fans who pre-ordered the album, and have been patiently awaiting it’s arrival. You should find the link to your download of the album in an email from Bandcamp. To those who didn’t pre-order it, the album, which is digital download only, is now available in it’s entirety for purchase at the link above.

Beneath the Clay has been 12 years in the making, the first song “Here’s to Heartache” being penned in 2004 in the bluegrass of Kentucky, and the last song “Return” being written in the spring of this year in the high mountains of New Mexico. The album chronicles a journey between those two points and the many miles and changes along the way. There are songs about personal experience and revolutions, as well as stories about my family who have inspired me with their courage and resilience. Mother Nature and life circumstance slowed the recording of this album: a project I thought would take a matter of months took two years. But, as Lao Tzu said “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” And so it goes.

Thank you to my husband and musical collaborator, Bill Mallonee, for all the hours devoted to playing on, recording, mixing, and producing this album. You took my project as seriously as I did, and that means everything.

Thank you to Chris Bethea for your generosity with your mastering skills.

Thank you fans for your patience and encouragement.

And thank you, my sweet family, for making music such an integral part of life; my brothers and sister for being my very first fans; and Mama and Dad for buying me a guitar for my 21st birthday.

I finally did something with it.

Muriah Rose
June 2016″