Pre-Order New Album from Jeff Elbel + PING: The Threefinger Opera

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“We’ll see you at the Audiofeed Festival this weekend! Ping has three performances, and I (Jeff) am playing bass with several other favorite acts. Ping will offer a limited-time deal for upcoming album The Threefinger Opera.The pre-order package will only be available (in person & online) during the festival (June 30-July 5). The 3FO songs make their live debut at Audiofeed.

The Threefinger Opera is a concept album featuring my most personal songs to date, but you’ll probably relate to a lot of it. Finding common ground remains my aim and Ping’s.

The 3FO jukebox features rock ‘n’ roll, space-rock, Tin Pan Alley, jangly goth, prog-pop, Chuck Berry boogie, country heartbreak, and a danceable rock groove straight from the ’70s.

3FO Pre-order special: $25 includes:

Your name included in the liner notes
Sent on July 5, 2016:
MP3 demos of all 11 new 3FO songs
MP3 live album Engine of Destruction
MP3 live album Loyal to You
MP3 of Ping rehearsing:
Can You Picture That” by the Muppets
Ring Them Bells” by Bob Dylan

Sent by December 11, 2016:
The Threefinger Opera, signed by Jeff
Loyal to You CD, signed by Jeff
Chicago Mod Flag embroidered patch