And How Releases New Album “Camouflage”

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I’m breaking my vow of mass emails promoting “And How” to dedicate “camouflage” to my brother, my sister Tracy’s husband Philly.

Phil was diagnosed with brain cancer 2 years ago. He had the tumor completely removed, but it left him unable to walk or use his right arm and leg and unable to say more than a few words.

I asked Phil if he was happy to still be alive, sometime after the surgery and he replied “Beats the alternative”. He maintained a good attitude, sense of humor, and a desire to live for 2 years until the cancer returned and quickly took him from us.

Phil and I hit it off on so many levels. He was the perfect “older brother” in that he found interest in anything you talk with him about and always had some words of wisdom to complement his insanely great listening skills.

Phil was the most complex simple guy I’ve ever had the pleasure knowing.

Phil, my sister Tracy and their 4 daughters found their ways into a lot of the “zone-out process” in the writing of these songs. Phil’s life put a perspective on my own.

– Phillip (Philly) Howard Seman 3/23/61- 6/6/16 –

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