Help Bill Mallonee & The Big Sky Ramblers Record “The Rags of Absence”

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“The Rags of Absence” is an Americana rock record. CD format. Replete w/ classic themes: Love (won & lost), broken-ness & redemption.

I usually have anywhere from 25-50 songs ready to go for each album I make. And “The Rags of Absence” is no exception.
I’ve have, what I believe to be, a great group of songs for this recording. I want them to be recorded, mixed and mastered in the best possible way. Please feel free to drop in for a listen to rough mixes and demos as we progress at: The Rags of Absence (demos, rough mixes, etc)

If you’ve read this far? Thank You! I know there’s lots of artists “out there” competing for your support.
But, I hope you’ll consider helping me out with this project. Check out the “rewards,” think about it. You won’t be disappointed. I think this collection of songs are some of my strongest yet.

I’d be grateful and honored to have you on board, folks. I’m extremely excited about the album, it’s sonic quality and of course, it’s themes.

(Please feel free to drop by for a listen to any of my back catalogue at:, if you’re so inclined.)

Grace, Peace & Joy on the Journey, friends,
~ Bill Mallonee